Appropriate Technologies for Inclusive Development
Smart Agriculture
MR. JEON, Jaesu
Mr. Jeon, in parallel to running local commercial business, is scarifying his energy and time to engage in the community development in Chad. In this respect, he has been involved in various rural development projects in Chad and engaged himself as Country Director of I-DREAM since 2016. After having completed the I-DREAM Chad registration, his first project is to promote Sahel region earth construction for housing improvement of the local communities.
Biogas production in Scandinavia (tentative)
Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB Dept. of Thematic Studies - Environmental Change Linköping University
Renewable energy in Brazil: a study about the potential for biogas production
PROF. EDWIGES, Thiago edwiges
Federal University of Technology / Parana / Brazil
Structure Analysis of Compressed Soil Bricks Masonry Structure
Amir is a multidisciplinary civil engineer in structural design, building pathology, transport and mobility. He is a structure and material specialist at a global engineering firm in France. His developing interest include the development of natural material in building structure, Reinforcing Structural member in RC by natural fiber, Timber Composite structure and Compressed Soil brick Masonry structure.
Background and basic direction of soil construction in Chad
MR. PARK, Geunsun
Since 2001, Mr. Geunsun PARK has worked in the Chad community development projects for more than 14 different villages. These projects include water well digging, agricultural development, educations campaign etc. In addition, as part of the local community development, he has invested his energy to develop friendship technology transfer projects such as charcoals manufacturing, earth soil brick development, dried mango manufacturing, packaging and commercialization for the community income generation, etc. From 2010, he collaborated with Korean Handong University to develop appropriate technology applications, and since 2015, he teaches KCOC community development programme. He served as country director of Good Neighbors International for Chad, and country director of I-DREAM Chad. He is currently serving as country director of Somang Society association and as senior advisor of I-DREAM Chad.
RegenVillages – Integrated village designs for thriving regenerative communities
ReGen Villages, B.V.
James Ehrlich is a serial entrepreneur Founder of ReGen Villages Entrepreneur in Residence Stanford University Center for Design Research Senior Fellow, Opus Novum at NASA Ames White House/State Department Appointee Joint Task Force: FEWW (Food, Energy, Water and Waste)
An open-source smart farm training kit for developing countries.
DR. SON, Muntak
Joy Institute of Technology
Initial major researches in the Microiology (B.Sc) and Biochemical Engineering (M. Eng.) at Seoul National University, Dr. Muntak Son has enlarged his research area into the analytical chemistry at Univ. of South Australia (Ph.D). Inventor of smart farming systems, including a very light and solid dome structure, automatic greenhouse control systems, etc. he is investing his energy in the development of modern technology application into the agricultural domain. He founded Joy Institute of Technology, an NGO to develop open-source science education kits for developing countries. In this EKC 2017, he serves also as the camp master of the appropriate technology camp (also known as EKC2017 Science School).