Mall of Scandinavia near the Scandic Victoria Tower Hotel

Mall of Scandinavia is one of the largest shopping malls in Scandinavia. The shopping mall located in Solna Municipality, Stockholm, Sweden. You can relax in a glorious environment, have drinks, and delicious snaks. If you wish, you can enjoy the IMAX Theatre.

Local Neighbohood around the Scandic Victoria Tower Hotel

Here are some restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the Scandic Victoria Tower Hotel.

Birka - The Viking City Tour

Brika town, the village of the island Björkö in the middle of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm, was based during the 750's and is today known as Sweden's first city. To this day there are visible traces of the people who were born, lived, and died here. Today, Birka is one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Going there is almost like travelling back in time.